Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Because good food deserves good tableware...

If you read our first post on this blog, then you'll know one of our big loves is food. Everything about it really, from looking up recipes, sourcing fresh ingredients, the preparation and of course the eating of it! Without a doubt though, the best part of all is sharing delicious food around the table with friends and family. Nothing quite tops that, so it was with these occasions in mind that we decided to create our own tableware range as soon as we set up Ginger & Mora. We are so excited that it will be available on our virtual shelves just in time for Spring!

We have collaborated with such talented artisans in creating this range and have loved watching them at work. The time and skill that goes into creating each piece in the set is amazing and we feel it is only right to share with you some of the incredible work that goes on behind the scenes. 

With the Fiore tableware range, we have brought together quality, creativity and the uniqueness of a hand made product to make every meal a special moment. Each plate in the range has a different edge and when used together create a gorgeous mismatched effect. We love their elegance and style but were resolute not to create something that had to be "saved for best"..life's too short for all that! We are delighted to say therefore that the whole range is microwave and dishwasher safe!  

As part of the Fiore range we created this beautiful serving bowl perfect for dishing up tasty salads, pasta or anything else you fancy!

  Our Fiore tableware range, exclusively hand made and hand painted for G&M, will be available to order from April 10th. 

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  1. The Fiore range looks wonderful. I love its simplicity and that unique edging for each plate in the range. The serving bowl is particularly stand-out.

    It certainly wouldn't look out of place in Liberty!