Wednesday, 10 April 2013

For the love of vintage..

What makes vintage so enticing? Pieces from bygone eras have always been sought after but now more than ever we see them featured across the pages of interiors magazines. In an age where so much of what we are surrounded by is massed produced we think it's only natural that people are being drawn towards hard to find, sometimes unique pieces, which give them the freedom to better reflect their personality and style.
In our own homes, we both have vintage treasures acquired over time which we feel speak about who we are and have therefore become essential elements in our decor.  From the very outset, therefore, we knew that vintage, upcyled and reloved pieces would have to be part of our online collection. 

G&M on one of our many treasure hunts! 

This Italian, Ico Parisi style console table was a great find as its gorgeous contours will blend beautifully into any decorative style yet still make a classic statement.

For a great splash of colour (one we at G&M love!), this lamp in turquoise resin with contrasting lamp shade was an irresistible must!
Our magazine rack equipt with metal ashtray is the perfect accessory for any living space.
A fabulously chic Italian, Richard Ginori espresso set!
Our cinema seats have been such a talking point and being both confortable and stylish means you need not compromise!
Incredibly practical and a great multi tasker, we love this upcycled metal crate with crafted wooden top.
Vintage yet very contemporary style, our Ico Parisi style glass top coffee table is right on track with this year's metallic trend.  
This is truly the perfect tea set in gorgeous green with gold detail. For us, it was love at first sight!

So whether it's a timeless design console table or an upcycled storage metal crate, through the "ageing" process, each piece aquires character, familiarity, a story and that loved look which pulls at your heartstrings and begs to be brought home!

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