Sunday, 31 March 2013

A recipe to welcome Spring..

There is always that special recipe that embodies a season. For us it can be a hearty beef stew in autumn, or maybe a berry dessert in summer.  With Spring now most definitely here we thought we would share our very favourite Spring salad. It's so easy to make (perfect when catering for last minute guests) and it just seems to bring together all the best elements of the season; fresh, crisp, delicate flavours. It's absolutely delicious! This recipe should make enough for four people.

Fennel & Orange Salad.

All you'll need are a few basic ingredients that you can pick up from any supermarket but when combined they really do create something quite special!
2 Oranges sliced, then cut into small pieces
2 Fennel bulbs finely sliced
A handful of raisins
A handful of pine nuts
Parmesan shavings to taste
A squeeze of lemon

Simply mix all the ingredients together in a bowl adding a generous drizzle of good olive oil and a pinch of salt and voila, it's time to dish up! We told you it was easy. Serve with warm crusty bread, a glass of cool white wine and enjoy...

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