Friday, 20 December 2013

Some like it hot!

Food markets in Italy are all year round weekend occasions and depending on the season, there are a variety of themed events everywhere around the country ranging from large scale organised fairs to local street markets.  
The last one we went to was in the small town of Camaiore along the Versilia coast and was entirely dedicated to red hot chilli peppers! 

The town's streets and squares were filled with colourful stands selling artisanal products made in some way or another with the addition of chilli peppers.




 I am personally a big fan of these hot wonders and especially at his time of year I seem to crave the flavoursome spiciness, whether added as an ingredient into a pasta sauce or simply chopped fresh over a dish. In fact we always make sure to grow some late summer varieties in our veggie patch so as to have them in he kitchen over the winter months!

We recently added a "Pantry" section to the Ginger & Mora site and this spicy red pepper cream, delicious with cheeses or added to pasta for an extra "kick" is definitely one of our favourite new additions. It comes from a small producer in Montespertoli, founded by four young farmers who have put their passion for gastronomical innovation into creating an exclusive range of top quality organically grown products. If you want to check out some of the other products, just pop into our pantry


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