Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sunday is a Funday

Sundays for our family here in Italy usually mean a day trip somewhere new or a big lunch at the Nonni's farmhouse. Either of these options are always thoroughly enjoyable and certainly make the weekend seem like it lasts much longer!
However I have to be perfectly honest and say that for me some of the best Sundays are spent right at home, doing a few mondane last minute jobs around the house or simply spending some quality time with my hubby and two little ones.
With the arrival of Autumn, what seems like the last of the summer's sun has appeared after a day or two of rain and everything feels brighter and fresh.  It's the perfect kind of day for a walk in the countryside, some gardening or bit of good old baking!
My sister has, unsurprisingly, had the same idea this Sunday and spent it enjoying a beautifully sunny day in her Essex home as I have in mine here in Tuscany. What follows are some of the pics we messaged each other throughout the day and it's funny to see how although we live in two quite different countries, we still spend our carefree Sundays enjoying very similar things!



While out and about walking along country roads or through vast fields, part of the attraction for our girls is to pick pretty flowers and make tiny bouquets to carry. Once home we add our colourful finds to our own garden blooms to arrange in glass vases around the house reminding us of the weekend.



We do enjoy to spend lots of time in the garden and at the moment there's a lot of work to be done to prepare our outside spaces for the winter.  On a sunny Sunday like today, the whole family takes part in some horticultural fun! 



Of course Sunday at home means time to make pancakes in the morning and yummy muffins or cupcakes to decorate in the afternoon!


All in all it's not hard to see why we love Sundays at home ( despite the fact that of course a Sunday always comes with the dreaded feeling the next day is a Monday!) 
What do you get up to on a funday Sunday? 

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