Saturday, 18 May 2013

A lot of inspiration from the littlest of creatures...

 The other day I watched my son sitting happily in the garden, fixed to the spot for what seemed like an age (at least for a 4 year old!).  Curious to see what had him so captivated I walked over to him and sat down only to find he was admiring a tiny ladybird munching on a leaf.  Although little boys are perhaps the most common appreciators of bugs and all sorts of insects we can't help but admit that creepy crawlies are fascinating! David Attenborough himself has dedicated a number of documentaries to these guys and their often dramatic lives!  Even in the smallest garden one can, if sitting for long enough, witness some amazing goings on. This is exactly what our close friend and nature and landscape photographer Claudia Beretti does.

 Looking at these fabulously detailed shots it's hard not to imagine the setting to be some tropical forest rather than an average European back garden. 

Claudia certainly inspired us with her amazing collection of photographs and after some thought we decided it was time to bring these little creatures into our homes! Not to worry though, our version is much easier to "handle"! 

These gorgeous plates are designed exclusively by G&M  in collaboration with a Tuscan ceramics artisan who brought two of our favourite insects to life. 
They are hand made, then dipped in classic white after which the artisan delicately hand paints the detailing of the dragonfly and butterfly making each one truly unique.

Our lovely butterfly and dragonfly plates will be available at Ginger & Mora from the end of June. These two insects are our own personal favourites but if you could choose, what bug would you put on a plate? 

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  1. A lovely idea! These would be a great for serving cake at at tea party. I especially love the dragaon fly!